Solutions’ Transitional Living and Extended Care Program

Transitional Living Program

Solutions Treatment Center is located in beautiful Santa Fe, NM and offers a Transitional Living Program to clients from around the country (as well as locally) who struggle with Mental Health and/or Addiction issues. Santa Fe has always been known as a place of amazing beauty and healing and is a perfect location to continue (or begin) one’s path of recovery and wellness. Santa Fe offers an excellent recovery community with a variety of clinically sophisticated practitioners from psychiatry, and psychotherapy, to body work, alternative healing methods, and Eastern and Western Medicine alike.  

We are frequently asked about our success rates. Our response is that there are a number of factors that contribute to long term sobriety and abstinence from self-destructive behaviors, as well as sustainable improvement over quality of life. The most influential being the length of time spent in treatment. The longer a person is actively engaged in a treatment program, has people to be accountable to and can practice new ways of being and relating to others and the world around them, long term recovery rates improve substantially. 30 day programs are typically 20% successful, 90 day programs see better rates at approximately 50-60%. This is why our Transitional Living and Extended Care program was designed to be 4 months (although we will consider a minimum 90 day commitment) or longer and why healing and recovery don’t end with us. The individual seeking help did not get to this place overnight, and it will take time for them to get to where they want to be.

Our Transitional Living House is a cozy, spacious, well-appointed home that offers a structured and supportive living environment. Initially clients begin in our Extended Day Treatment program. In this program they receive more than 30 hours a week of group and individual therapy all provided by credentialed and master’s level clinicians. As clients progress in their treatment goals and no longer require as much structure, they may step down to our Intensive Outpatient Program. During this phase, clients are required to work, go to school, or volunteer approximately 15 hours a week. They will continue to receive more than 15 clinical program hours a week. This long-term (3-12 month) extend care program will allow one to remain in the healing and recovery process while transitioning back into “the real world” with continued support and structure. All the while, our clients have the opportunity to soak up the rich history and culture of the oldest state capital in the United States. Located in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, Santa Fe is one of the most popular art destinations in the world and offers plenty of nearby hiking trails, skiing options and hot springs.

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