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Whether you have suffered the recent loss of a loved one, are engaging in self-destructive behaviors, abusing substances, suffering from anxiety or lingering depression, or are ready to move on from an emotionally traumatic experience, we are here to help.

Have you, or a loved one, tried therapy or treatment programs before and been unsuccessful? Over the years we have found that many therapies focus only on the behaviors and miss the underlying causes.

Our Philosophy

“The process of healing and recovery takes a lot of courage. Our mission is to empower your healing journey.”

We can help you.
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At Solutions Treatment Center we believe that the issues at the root of the problem must be healed in order for treatment to be successful and long-lasting. We understand that each person is a complex individual with his/her own unique story, experiences, needs and goals.

In the past it may actually have been the treatment that failed the client, rather than the other way around. At Solutions, we strike a balance between deep healing and helping our clients move forward with full, healthy, meaningful lives.

Whether you are coming out of a primary treatment center and taking the next step in your recovery, or are looking to begin your healing process with us, contact us today to discuss how we may help.

Solutions is a Treatment Center, with a comprehensive outpatient program and flexible schedules, offering varied services and levels of intensity. Our program makes it possible for you to keep working and/or manage your family obligations while doing the deep work that will benefit you for a lifetime.