Overview of Treatment Approach

Treatment ApproachGroups are cognitive behavioral-based (CBT), and offer a lot of psycho-education about behavioral health, as well as addiction or mental health, and/or co-occurring dual diagnoses. They often include a 12-step component.

Our process groups are dynamic, innovative, and incorporate traditional clinical principles along with contemporary modalities – all to optimize your success. Because we believe that deep healing must be holistic, we use a whole-person approach. In addition to CBT and psycho-education, we address self-defeating behaviors in a wide variety of ways, including narrative therapy, process art, and expressive therapy, among others.

Our integrative, eclectic approach provides you with solid tools and proven techniques that will help you achieve your greatest success.

You can also add to your IOP experience by taking advantage of any of these extra treatments:

  • Family intensives
  • Process art workshops
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Clinical case management
  • Individual therapy
  • Phase II recovery coaching
  • Life skills coaching

Note: Solutions does not provide ambulatory detox. If you think you or your loved one may need this service, please give us a call. We can refer you to a local medical professional who can help with this aspect of treatment. When detox is complete, we will be happy to welcome you into our program. Hospital detoxes are typically 3-7 days in length while lower levels of care typically take longer due to the possibility of medical complications. Detoxification should always occur under the supervision of a physician.

If you are looking for an interventionist, someone who can help your loved one get into treatment, we can refer you to a local specialist in this area.

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