Are you worried about relapse into alcohol addiction? Are you concerned that your loved one isn’t going to remain sober after a short time at an alcoholism treatment center?

These are legitimate concerns. Many people struggling with alcoholism require several attempts at treatment in order to remain sober. You may be feeling frustration as you try that treatment center one more time. Or maybe you’re wondering if you really need that expensive inpatient alcoholism treatment center at all. Maybe in your case there’s a better choice.

Alcoholism Treatment CenterMany people with alcohol addiction have these questions and turn to Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or to an individual mental health therapist for help. These approaches have worked well in some cases of alcoholism, but not for others. AA can be a good program, however some addiction professionals are all too familiar with the patterns of continual relapse that some AA members and their families experience.

You or your family member may need a more structured program than the current one you’re working, or perhaps a step down program from a recent stay at an inpatient alcoholism treatment center. This is where Solutions Treatment Center can help.

We’re not an ordinary alcoholism treatment center. Through our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), we provide you or your loved one a structured environment in which to thrive and offer practical solutions to help continue with daily life in a productive manner. The Solutions Treatment Center program incorporates the tools learned and lends support in the practice of sobriety, all under the guidance of master’s level therapists, who help to ensure that participants improve insight and get to the root of their struggle with alcohol addiction.

If you’re having a hard time getting or remaining sober, please give us a call. If you’re struggling with what to do about your alcoholism, someone from our caring intake staff in Santa Fe would be happy to speak with you at 877-499-1354.