Adolescent Program

Adolescent ProgramBeing a teenager in today’s society can be very difficult. With technology, TV and music being what they are these days, in many ways, kids are growing up faster today than ever before. Kids are exposed to sex, adult language, bullying and both legal and illegal substances at much younger ages then just a generation or two ago. As a result, kids begin struggling with self-esteem, body image, anxiety, depression at younger and younger ages as well.

Solutions offers a unique and much needed program for teens 14-17 years of age, struggling with the following issues:

Disordered Eating Feeling Isolated Anger
Low Self-Esteem Body Image Anxiety
Blended Families Boundaries Grief
Substance Abuse Sexuality Depression
Emotional Trauma Sexual Trauma  

Without early intervention the above issues, can lead to drug addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, unhealthy relationships, inappropriate sexual behaviors, suicidal thought or attempts and other self-destructive behaviors as adults.

Solutions Treatment Center offers intensive group therapy 3 times per week including a multi-family therapy group. Family members receive education and support for themselves, as well as an opportunity to heal any issues within the family unit. The best chances of long term change occur when the entire family works together at developing better communication, structure, limit setting and boundaries.

Our 17-week, strengths based curriculum, helps our adolescent clients explore develop critical emotional and life skills to help keep them on track and strengthen their foundation to become healthy, responsible young men and women. Curriculum includes the following skills:

 Personal Goals Personal Values  Identity
 Communication Skills Accountability  Self-Esteem
 Healthy Boundaries Health & Wellness  Life Changes
 Meaning & Purpose Positive Relationships  Responsibility for one’s actions

Therapies offered:

 Relapse Prevention  Psycho-education  Life Skills
 Psychodynamic Process Groups  Family Counseling  Goal Setting
 Dialectical Behavior Therapy  Stress Management  Art Therapy
 Expressive/Experiential Therapy  Health & Wellness Workshops  

We encourage families to seek help and support as soon as they suspect something may be interfering with their teens reaching their maximum potential. Whether that is disrespect of authority figures, anger issues, depression, poor boundaries with friends, anxiety, disordered eating or substance abuse, we can help.

Solutions – we can help you find your way again. Call one of our intake specialists for a free consultation – 877-499-1354 or 505-424-3170.