Sexual AbuseSexual Abuse Definitions. What is sexual abuse?

If you are asking yourself this question, you may have been in a situation that made you feel violated or victimized in a sexual way. Sexual abuse can be defined on a personal level, a legal level, and a professional level. We will be discussing the personal definition of sexual abuse and how it may impact your life. People are often mistaken that the sexual abuse definition is being raped or having sex without consent. This is only one form of sexual abuse. There are many degrees of sexual abuse definitions. Being forced to watch pornographic videos and touch someone or use non-verbal behavior to communicate inappropriate desire toward someone are also forms of sexual abuse. These are just a few examples; sexual abuse is defined differently by every individual. All of these degrees of sexual abuse are to be taken seriously, and you have every right to feel uncomfortable with someone else’s actions towards you.

The subject of sexual abuse can bring up a lot of uncomfortable and unwanted feelings of shame, guilt, anger, fear, anxiety, and many other difficult states of mind. It is not surprising, because of the intensity and confusion of sexual abuse, that we find ourselves suppressing its effects and end up struggling in many seemingly unrelated areas of our lives. Sexual abuse may lead to co-occurring issues such harmful relationships with ourselves or others, eating disorders, mental health issues, substance abuse, or gender identity issues. These are some common sexual abuse symptoms but everyone manifests their wounds differently, sometimes people even suppress sexual memory and “blackout” the experience altogether.

If you are questioning whether you have been sexually abused, the answer is probably yes, to some degree, and you need to heal and feel safe again. There is nothing wrong with you and the last thing you need to do is blame yourself. There is never a justifiable reason why someone should make another person feel uncomfortable sexually. In order for you to heal these wounds, sexual abuse treatment is very beneficial.

Sexual abuse treatment is offered at Solutions Treatment Center through Intensive Outpatient groups as well as Individual Therapy. Please take the first step toward your healing and call Solutions Treatment Center at 505- 424-3170 to speak with our caring intake specialists.