The Solutions Method is a treatment program designed to address the Whole Person in response to seventeen core themes. During different life stages, all individuals will experience these themes in varying degrees of challenge and fulfillment. When challenges arise in accordance to one or more of these themes, a client most often seeks therapy in hope of finding solutions. The Solutions Method provides this path of hope and the discovery in creative solutions. We explore these core themes and support a person’s growth by using a variety of treatment modalities and techniques.

17 Core Themes:

  • Personal Goals
  • Identity
  • Family-of-Origin
  • Inner Child
  • Self Destruction and Escape
  • Health and Wellness
  • Relationships
  • Boundaries
  • Communication Skills
  • Shadow Self
  • Work and Finance
  • Grief and Loss
  • Life Changes and Transitions
  • Mind and Body
  • Forgiveness and Amends
  • Transformation and Acceptance
  • Meaning and Purpose

Each week a different theme is explored, expressed, and then exercised throughout the entire program. Whether you are experiencing the themes of our curriculum for the first or third time, you will continue to develop a deeper understanding of how these key elements impact a relationship with your past, present, and future. As a client in our program, integration of becoming a Whole Person will occur as you discover The Way Forward.

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