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Holiday Tips

A Holiday Message of Support

From all of us at Solutions Treatment Center, we hope you have a wonderful holiday season. We understand that holidays can be tough, and that staying sober and mentally level headed can be a challenge. If you are struggling or worrying about staying sober during the holidays, there are a few tips you might not know about. 

Friends of Bill W. 
Friends of Bill W. is a great resource for anyone struggling with staying sober in airports or anywhere in general that has a bar close by. If you are walking towards a bar, or to somewhere that challenges your sobriety or healthy choices, ask a staff to page “Bill W.” on the intercom system. This is most popular in airports or on cruises, but anywhere in a group of people should work. If you are actively involved in AA, you would know the name Bill W. If you say this over an intercom, someone else who is involved in AA or NA will be called to find you. When this person finds you, talk to them, they are fighting the same fight you are, and probably know of a meeting around, if they are a local. 

Involve your family in your choices.
Family time can feel pressuring so make sure you have a plan of action at the ready in case someone asks is you want a drink. Use phrases such as “No thank you” or “I’m driving tonight.” There are all options if your family might not know that you are trying to get sober, or are actively working on maintaining long term sobriety. Many times family events can be triggers, so have a plan of action in case things get too intense. Have a friend call you and say he needs your help changing a tire, or maybe your dog got out. Anything that would give you an excuse to leave the situation you are in. Be strong this season, you are bigger and better than this disease! 

Please use these simple tips and tricks to help make this holiday season the best possible. We know that these will not solve all your problems, but we hope that they can help. If you feel like you need to talk to someone, please do not hesitate to call us. This can be the last holiday season you spend drinking or depressed, without the help of others. We are all one, and we all are here to help.